Sl.No. Subject  Nos. of Text Books Nos. of Reference Books Total
1 ENGLISH 235 305 540
2 ORIYA 797 982 1779
3 SANSKRIT 229 58 287
4 HISTORY 598 337 935
6 EDUCATION 515 89 604
7 ECONOMICS 44 14 58
  Total 3160 2295 5455

     Our Library is housed in a small room with a reading room attached to it. Students & faculties come to the library either to read in the reading room or to lend books to study at home.

          We have about 6000 nos. of  text  and reference books  . Besides there are nos. of daily newspapers, Journals & magazines in English, Hindi and Odia.

General Library Rules:-

1-      The library and reading room shall remain opened 11.00 A.M. to 4.30 P.M. during working dates of the college. Its  shall remain closed on Sunday and other public holidays.

2-      No books shall be removing from library without the knowledge of the librarian, not until it has been entered by the librarian in the register kept for that purpose.

3-      The following is the list showing the maximum no’s of book that may be issued to various classes of members.

                                                       I.            Teaching staff- 20 no’s of books.

                                                    II.            Office assistants – 05 nos. of books.

                                                 III.            Students – 03 no’s of books.

4-      Without the knowledge of the HOD, no books of the department shall be issued to the members of the staff of other department.

5-      The Librarian may demand the production of identity card from a student at the time of borrowings book from the library.

6-      Members of the staff may retain book borrowed by them for a period of two

       month at a time.

7-           Encyclopedia, Dictionaries, maps, reference books, current issues of periodical s, courses of studies and rare book will not be issued for use at home without the special permission of the Principal.

8-      Each student shall be issued with a library card. A student, who wants to take books from library, should present his/her card along with preference list to the librarian during working hours of the library.

9-      When the date if return of the books falls on a holiday, they shall be return to library reopens after the holiday.

10-  If a student loses his /her card another card will be issued to him/her on application with a payment of Rs-10 /-.

11-  Periodical, journals, dictionaries, & reference books can be borrowed by the student for use during college hours only and these must be return to the librarian before the library closes for the day.

12-  Each borrower must examined the conditions of the books before their issued , otherwise in case of mutilation discovered later, presumption will be made against the borrower.

13-  Book issued to the student are only for one month. In case one borrower demands the books which he has already taken for one month, it can be reissued to him/her for another week provided there is no demand for those particulars books by any other members.

14-  Those who use the library must observe silence and when they are obliged to speak the library staff, they should speak in a; low voice.

15-  Students must return the library books / periodicals before test exams/annual exam.








Sri. Bhabani Shankar Panigrahi

Reading Room

Library Room

Lecturer in English

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