Literary Society-



 Our mission is to promote literary awareness on campus through activities ,meetings and discussions. It provides the opportunity to the students to interact with other members of the society on topics related to and literature .It encourages the members of the society to participate in different literary and other cultural events conducted in and out of the campus.
Poem writing, slogan writing, self –composed poem recitation, Book review, Essay writing competition etc. are performed in the society.
The following members are working in the society-

    President –Mr Samanta chandra Sahoo (Principal)
    Vice-president –Mr Bijayananda Dash (Lect in Eng)
    Member –Dr Bhagirath Purohit (Lect in Odia )
    Mrs Padmini Guru (Lect in Sans)
    Secretary Cultural Association)
    Ex-Officio Secretary



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