The Quality Enhancement Programme (QEP)-



      The QEP is an ambitious programme of the college to cement the gap between the teacher and the students. All the students of the college have been divided into 4 houses namely –Freedom, Galaxy, Liberty and Fame houses respectively each under House patron. Further all the students have been classified into 10 schools .Each school constitutes 40-45 students and put under charge of a teacher designated as proctor. The plan is to promote inter-houses competition among the houses and it is also to develop personal rapport with the students.

    Advisor – Mr Samanta Chandra Sahoo (Principal)
    Convenor- Mr Bijayananda Dash (Lect in Eng)
Patrons of Houses:
    Freedom House - Dr Saroj Kumar Dash
    Galaxy House –Mr Bijayananda Dash
    Liberty House- Mr Samanta Chandra Sahoo
    Fame House –Dr Bhagirath Purohit






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